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In 2005 we expanded and now occupy 4,000 sq. ft. of building space to bring you the latest in quilting and stitchery ideas and products. Our goal is to provide you with expert, friendly advice whether it be in fabric selection, piecing, quilting or any stitchery questions you may have. We are always happy to support and encourage you in your creativity.

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As I passed mile marker 18, I read, "Running is a mental sport.... and we are all insane". I laughed a bit too hysterically for comfort. It was true. Why was I running another marathon? My whole body hurt and I was soaked to my skivies. I had been up since 4am. Bused up the Ogden canyon at 5. We huddled by a fire until 7:15am (start time). (We were soaked before it started). People wore garbage bags. (I was jealous.) The start gun blared, we cheered, and started running in the wind and rain. Who does this? At Mile 13 my hubby urged me to get in the car. "Too cold", he said. "You already ran a half", he said. My teeth chattering, I said, "just let me change into something dry", then striped down to my tank top, threw on a dry shirt and coat and took off again... In my soggy shoes. At mile 21 it stopped raining but had 5.2 miles left. What was I thinking? I wasn't. All I wanted was to finish. Even if I have to drag my body across the finish line. And I did. Drag it that is. As I crossed, my hubby beamed and kept saying, "unbelievable". He was so proud. I don't want to break it to him that I haven't walked normal since the run. Stairs result in tears. It's bad. And guess what? Brace yourself. I signed up for another one. Just one more. In sunny St. George. I know, I know... I have issues. But it's got me. I'm hooked. Just like Quilting and collecting fabric. I'm addicted. I have enough fabric to impress hoarders anonymous. So, am I "insane"? Maybe, but I sure love them both. ;) Are you coming? Where, you ask? To UTAH SHOP HOP people! Burn rubber and 'Travel thru Time' with us! It is coming NEXT WEEK! Wednesday, June 1st to Saturday, June 4th! It's only a few short days away when you get to step back into the time of Peace.... uhmmm *clear throat* I mean "PIECE", LOVE, and Quilts! In other words, the Groovin' 1960's. Did I hear you say, "Far Out, Man..." I am impressed with your 60's lingo. I've been brushing up myself and have had my orange platforms spit shined and bellbottoms pressed for weeks! The threads of the 60's were boss. Of course we have fab games planned, with treats and prizes. It will be a blast! Oh, and don't forget to wear our Groovy tie dyed Corn Wagon shirt for an extra treat! We will OPEN EARLY Wednesday ONLY at 9 am to 8 pm. Thursday and Friday we are open at 10 am - 8 pm and on Saturday our hours are 10 am- 6pm. It's going to be outta sight! Like the photo? It features the darling 'Keep on Groovin'' fabric line from Sugar Sisters of Riley Blake. And it is in our shop right now! It came just in time for our 1960's travel thru time! We saw this booth at Quilt Market featuring the FAB line and HAD to Hang Loose to take a photo. It is the cutest bus I've ever seen!Peace and Love! See you in the sixties! MaryAnn and the "groovy" chicks at Corn Wagon more info

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Pumpkin Farm

Five Stuffed Pumpkins by Threads that Bind #200

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Summer Penny Garden

81 x 96. by Primitive Gardens

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A Hummingbirds Garden

20″ x 26″  By Primitive Gatherings.

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