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In 2005 we expanded and now occupy 4,000 sq. ft. of building space to bring you the latest in quilting and stitchery ideas and products. Our goal is to provide you with expert, friendly advice whether it be in fabric selection, piecing, quilting or any stitchery questions you may have. We are always happy to support and encourage you in your creativity.

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Corn Days is THIS Saturday! With a $10.00 purchase (or more) receive a FREE dozen ears of Harward Farms Sweet Corn from the Springville Brookside Corn Stand located a hop, skip, and a jump and kiddy corner from Corn Wagon. (One coupon per customer) This sweet corn IS the absolute BEST in the state. Really. It is. I have given other places a try, and it just isn't quite the same. You could say that I have become a corn snob, (if that's such a thing). It just has to be this particular sweet corn for me to eat it. No cutting it off the cob or anything... I just eat Harward Farms Corn like an old typewriter. It is that delicious.... and if you haven't had any yet, you haven't LIVED. You MUST try it. And for those of you who have had this yumminess? Don't you agree that it is THE best sweet corn? I see you nodding. Hey, wait, does your husband roll it in the butter cube sitting in the center of the table? Mine does this. The first time he first did it was at my moms house when we were dating. Mom taught us to take a pat of butter with your knife and then apply it to your corn on the cob. It was expected of us to have manners at the dinner table. So when my, then boyfriend came over for dinner, he took his corn off his plate, leaned over the table and ROLLED it on the butter cube in the center of the table. My Mom was slightly mortified. I was stunned. We didn't say anything to him, but I don't think Mom served him corn on the cob again. He still does it. He even taught our kids his way to butter corn. Now they are horrifying their in-laws. The tradition continues. Oh my. So, don't forget about this Saturday, a dozen ears of Harward Sweet Corn are absolutely FREE with a $10.00 (or more) purchase. How "sweet" is that? Did you catch what I did there? Occasionally, I impress myself. The cute quilt? It is 'Prairie Flowers' made by Shannon. We have kits! It is perfect for your Summer picnic! Please come and visit us soon! MaryAnn and the girls at Corn Wagon more info

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Pumpkin Farm

Five Stuffed Pumpkins by Threads that Bind #200

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Summer Penny Garden

81 x 96. by Primitive Gardens

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A Hummingbirds Garden

20″ x 26″  By Primitive Gatherings.

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