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In 2005 we expanded and now occupy 4,000 sq. ft. of building space to bring you the latest in quilting and stitchery ideas and products. Our goal is to provide you with expert, friendly advice whether it be in fabric selection, piecing, quilting or any stitchery questions you may have. We are always happy to support and encourage you in your creativity.

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I am training for a marathon. I know, I know. I saw the eye roll. I question it myself. Especially last week. I was told by several marathoners that you must run at least 20 miles about a month before your marathon so I scheduled myself to do it on a Friday BEFORE work. This meant that I HAD to get up and start running by 5am. No prob. I arranged for my son to drop me off at Vivian Park. From there I would run down Provo Canyon to Utah Lake then finish on 5th west in Provo. It was new territory for me, but with 'Fight Song' blaring on my iPod I knew I could do it. That is until my son picked me up and started buzzing me up the canyon. You guys, it is STILL DARK at 5AM! PITCH black. I kept thinking the sun will come up any minute. Nope. Nada. Still black when we reached the trail at 5:15 AM....My Son and I looked at each other.... Now what? With not much hesitation, my 22 year old son scrambled round the glove box, produced a mini flash light, handed it to me and sent me on my way. He DROVE OFF and left me there! Sheesh! (And I sat with that boy for an entire month when he was in kindergarten!). But I willingly GOT OUT OF THE CAR and started running on the dark and creepy trail with only a tiny beam lighting my way. The only other beings out that hour was a skunk and a few Long boarders that passed me with headlamps. (I was jealous) After 40 minutes the flashlight died and the sun took it's place. It was a nice run, but I think next time I'm staying underneath the warmth of my shaggy minky quilt until it is actually legal to get up and run a shorter distance.... to my sewing machine. ;) Our NEW ARRIVAL is called 'Embrace' by Shannon Fabrics. It is a Double Swaddling Gauze. Swaddling is an age-old tradition that mimics the womb and makes your baby feel safe and secure. It is perfect for swaddling little Scarlette. Isn't she SO adorable? I LOVE her name. Her mom is wonderful to let us photograph her to show you this wonderful NEW fabric. She does look pretty comfy doesn't she? She is a beautiful baby. One yard of this yummy fabric will make 2 infant size approx. 25" x 36" swaddling blankets. Scarlett is snuggled up in one of them. To finish the blanket you simply double fold the edges and sew with a straight or decorative stitch. Very easy and makes a quick baby gift. Notice the sweet prints that are available. LOVE! Come and visit us soon! MaryAnn and the girls at Corn Wagon

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News at the "Corn"er


Pumpkin Farm

Five Stuffed Pumpkins by Threads that Bind #200

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Summer Penny Garden

81 x 96. by Primitive Gardens

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A Hummingbirds Garden

20″ x 26″  By Primitive Gatherings.

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