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In 2005 we expanded and now occupy 4,000 sq. ft. of building space to bring you the latest in quilting and stitchery ideas and products. Our goal is to provide you with expert, friendly advice whether it be in fabric selection, piecing, quilting or any stitchery questions you may have. We are always happy to support and encourage you in your creativity.

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30 years. THIRTY years people! Can you believe it? That is how long me and my hubby have been married this fine month of July. He has put up with me and the quilting addiction for more than half of those years. Late nights of quilting.. meeting deadlines, countless (they are everywhere) totes of 'must have fabric' that I can't part with, and those much needed quilting retreats (uhmmmm I mean "business trips"! I HAVE to go on... You know... because it's MY JOB! wink wink...) He lets me do all of this with not so much as a peep. Well the only "peep" he does make is when he pops his head in my sewing room and asks, "Whatcha building?" Cute huh? He doesn't seem to mind much when I'm in there. Why? He knows it makes me happy. That. Is. Love, my friends. I think he is even proud of some of my finished projects. He is a keeper. I really need to make him another quilt to snuggle in. I do love that man. Marvelous Monday is MARVELOUS! One cut of fabric is 25% off! Any regular priced fabric in the shop. You can even choose from the NEW Sodalicious Fabric line ('Spin the Bottle' pattern made out of the 'Regular' Colorway is shown in photo. We do have kits!) or the NEW Cotton & Steel fabric lines. We have 'Picnic', 'Zephyr', and 'Paper Bandana'. They are fabulous. Now the question is....What are you going to make out of it? Are you going? To the Springville Art Museum's annual Utah Quilt Show . The show celebrates the beauty, artistry, and diversity of quiltmaking throughout the state. The 42nd Annual Utah Quilt Show will be on display from July 18 - August 30, 2015. FYI: The museum is CLOSED on Mondays. Trunk show is Wednesday night, August 5th, from 6 - 8:30pm and Friday afternoon from 12:30pm - 3pm. Please go see this wonderful quilt show. You will be inspired. Oh, and bring a hanky You will drool! Go to for info, photos, and supply lists on upcoming classes. Hope to see you soon! MaryAnn and the girls at Corn Wagon

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News at the "Corn"er


Pumpkin Farm

Five Stuffed Pumpkins by Threads that Bind #200

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Summer Penny Garden

81 x 96. by Primitive Gardens

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A Hummingbirds Garden

20″ x 26″  By Primitive Gatherings.

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