Where the Birds Sing – Row by Row Experience 2016 Pattern Available

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Where the Birds Sing Pattern

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Where the Bird's Sing Row By Row 2016

Have you ever stopped for a moment in your busy day and listened to the birds sing?  Close your eyes and just listen to their song.  It calms your heart.  I think of my Dad when I see a birdhouse.  My Dad made them. He made many of them.  He enjoyed watching the different birds come into his yard to have a nibble of the birdseed he had set out for them.  And he enjoyed their different songs.  This is one thing I remember growing up in my home.  Sitting on my back porch with my Dad and listening to the birds sing.

Our Row by Row ‘Where the Birds Sing’ is made using our wonderful hand-dyed wool stitched on a primitive woven background.  Wool is wonderful to work with.  It is forgiving, easy to needle and has a rich, high quality finished result.  And no need to turn under the wool edges as you do in traditional applique.  Simply cut out the wool applique pieces, pin or use a glue stick to secure your wool onto the background fabric.  Then use a whip stitch to hold the wool pieces in place.  And Ta Da!  You are finished!

Now for those of you that do not want to use wool, this pattern can easily be adapted to cotton.  Just add your ¼” seam to all of the applique pieces and applique them on using your favorite applique method.

This was our Row by Row for 2016!