2017 UFO Challenge Worksheet

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Corn Wagon’s 2017 U.F.O. Challenge

New Years Resolutions.  Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about them, so let’s get right to it and make them as unattainable as possible.  I have experience with this, so I’ll help you with a quilter one.  Finish ALL UFO’s.  Yes, I said ALL!  In a month.  Riiiiiight…. Ok, maybe a bit unrealistic.  That would take me more than 3 lifetimes.  I have a few UFO’s.  Ok, a storage unit full of them…(Don’t judge. I know you have a few UFO’s yourself)  AND I love them ALL!  So purging is NOT an option….so lets get real.  Maybe a goal could be to do one in a month or maybe even part of one… maybe just finish a block!  I believe in taking small bites of something big to achieve greatness.   AND we have a plan for this greatness.  Join our UFO Challenge this year!  Make a numbered list of 12 UFO’s you would like to complete or make progress on.  It could be 1 block, 1 row, breaking a large project into 12 months or even binding one quilt whatever you want to and can accomplish in a month.  We will draw a number the first of each month and post it.  Look at your list and see what that number is and that will be the project you will work on during the month.  Complete that project and bring it in for “sew and share” and a UFO Punch Card!!!  We LOVE to see what you are working on!  We will then pick a number for the next month.  By the end of the year we should have finished or made progress on 12 UFOs.  Greatness achieved.  You are allowed to rearrange your U.F.O.’s to fit your mood or a deadline, so you may want to do your list in pencil.  😉

Corn Wagon’s Picks:

January is UFO number 9

February is UFO number 7

March UFO number is 10

April UFO number is 6

May UFO number is 1

June UFO number is 8!

Click on the following link to print your 2017 UFO Challenge worksheet!  2017-ufo-challenge-master