Halloween is in the Air…

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…can you feel it? We can here at the shop! Pumpkins, straw bales and cornstalks adorn the wagons and porch. The witches apothecary awaits inside. New Halloween quilts on display, wool projects, patterns, kits, fabric… Speaking of Halloween fabric, all of ourHalloween themed yardage cut from the bolt is now 15% off regular price because, well, I LOVE HALLOWEEN and I just can’t wait any longer to celebrate. My husband on the other hand is a bit of a humbug when it comes to Halloween fun. He fooled me while we were dating by enthusiastically donning a Han Solo costume (he does look a bit like 1970s Harrison Ford – lucky me) while I was Princess Leia. We took his youngest brother trick-or-treating. He was the Wookie. Our Halloween future was looking bright. Oh, he’s been a good sport through the years joining in a three-headed-monster costume, a 1980’s Soap Opera Star for a themed party, and let’s not forget the year he agreed to be our pirate family parrot – – tights and all! But HIS favorite part of the Halloween hoopla is what he calls the “Uncle Tax.” When the family all gathers to go trick-or-treating (19 nieces and nephews in all) he makes sure they each understand they owe him 10% of their candy collection. If there’s an excess of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in the loot, an excise tax kicks in and things get serious. I’m not about to put a stop to it since it gives him a reason to look forward to one of my favorite holidays. What he doesn’t know is that as the purchaser of Trick-or-Treats, I already have a secret stash of my own. Wink. Wink.

We have a few wooly tricks and treats here at the shop for you! Treat yourself to some of our beautiful hand-dyed wool. Buy it by the ounce, by the bundle, by the yard, in a kit, or by the block-of-the-month! As for tricks, Marianne Michaels is ready to teach you all the wool tricks you need to get started on your next project. Join her Wool Rug Hooking Class, Thursday, Oct. 19 – 4 to 7 pm or her Wool Applique Demo, Saturday Nov. 11 at 11 amFeatured here is Halloween is in the Air, by All Through the Night. We have patterns and kits and they are truly a treat!

Machine Quilting Special

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You heard correctly! I’m as excited as you are. After all, discounts on machine quilting services don’t happen very often and this special comes just in time for quilts needed before Christmas! Are you ready for the details? Bring your finished quilt top in for machine quilting between Monday, October 9th and Saturday, December 2nd and request one of our basic edge-to-edge designs regularly priced $.015 per square inch and receive a discount based on the size of your quilt.
60″ quilt or smaller  – –  $10 off the regular price.
60″ to 90″ quilt – – $20 off the regular price.
90″ quilt or larger – – $30 off the regular price.

Design options include any size stippling or loop designs with add-ins such as stars, hearts or simple flowers. Turn around time for these designs is 2 – 3 weeks. Remember the backing of your quilt needs to measure 6″ wider and 8″ longer (3″ on either side / 4″ top & bottom) than your quilt top. We would be happy to help you select the perfect backing. You might even find just the right choice in our 108″ backing fabrics (no seams!!!).

Suzanne Adams requested stippling on this beautiful Comfort Zone quilt and I love the way the simple, edge-to-edge design lets all of those perfect little pieces speak for themselves yet still creates the quilted texture we’re so fond of. Comfort Zone is a 60″ x 70″ quilt designed by Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co. We currently have patterns and kits available in store!

Finish with a Flourish

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I recently came across a funny internet meme that I think you all will appreciate, “What you call money spent on fabric, I call resources invested in material inventory. Doesn’t that sound much better?” Why, yes it does, thank you very much! But in all seriousness, we quilter’s know just what an investment our art is. Of course there is the cost of fabric and supplies as well as costs to maintain our tools-of-the-trade but it goes much further when we start figuring in time, talent, experience…I’m not exaggerating when I throw in blood, sweat & tears… you really cannot put a price on your quilt investment when you consider the amount of heart that goes into the process. When our customers bring in their finished quilt tops for us to machine quilt, we are honored to be a part of that process and we look forward to helping you add a distinctive signature to your quilt – – I mean, “material investment”.  We invite you to bring in your next finished quilt top for a consultation!

All of our machine quilting is hand-guided. That means we do not use a computer to automate designs. Each stitch is guided by the hand of our machine quilter, making each quilting design as unique as your quilt. We will help you through the process of selecting just the right design from simple edge-to-edge patterns to detailed custom quilting available in over 100 thread color choices. Twenty quality batting options include varying weights of 100% cotton, 80/20, wool, poly & even bamboo!  Our custom machine quilter, Ramona Sorensen is a nationally recognized quilter who has been featured in several magazine publications as a machine quilter and pattern designer including Quilt Magazine, Quilters’ Newsletter, McCalls Quilting, and Fons & Porter. Stop in to see her beautiful work and say hello! Are you from out of town? Call Ramona at the shop to talk about options for insured shipping!

Quilting prices vary and are determined by the quilter based on quilt size, design density, and complexity as follows:

 $.015 per sq. inch— Any stipple or loop, choice of large, medium, or small. Includes add-ins– stars, hearts, or simple flowers.
$.02 per sq. inch— edge to edge design– feather meanders, floral or leaf meanders, etc. Includes 1 separately quilted border.
$.025 per sq. inch— advanced edge to edge– cathedral windows, graffiti quilting, combining multiple edge to edge quilting motifs.
$.03 to .035 per sq. inch— Simple custom quilting. Block by block motif designs-1 motif used on all the blocks, feathered wreaths, up to 2 thread color changes

$.04 and up per sq. inch— Custom quilting. Cross hatching, straight lines, ruler work, laser motifs, turning the quilt, 3 or more thread color changes, channel quilting 3” or smaller, multiple block motifs- 2 or more per quilt, very small edge to edge quilting- 1/2” or smaller.

Prices listed are current as of 09/29/17 and are subject to change.

DAURMONT by Primitive Gatherings

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What is the first thing you notice when you look at this quilt? The textural interest of layered wool applique on printed cotton backgrounds? The richly saturated hues of hand-dyed wool? The way those color tones stand strong against the soft, scrappy grey and white field behind them? The sheer number of layered, hand appliqued blooms spinning circles across the quilt top? The perfectly placed, hand-guided machine quilting? The genuine heirloom quality of the piece? The overall <<WOW>> factor? It’s one of those quilts I stand and stare at in awe, taking in all that it has to offer. Marianne Michaels appliqued and pieced this timeless beauty designed by Primitive Gatherings. Custom machine quilted by our own Ramona Sorensen, she knew just what to do to finish it with a graceful flourish. Daurmont kits are available at the shop and include all of the wool for applique as well as the cotton backgrounds, binding and pattern. There is something extra special that comes with this kit – – Tuesday, November 8th at 5 pm Marianne will be teaching a FREE “Hints and Helps” class for those who purchase Corn Wagon’s kit for the Daurmont quilt!

Marianne is an absolute wizard when it comes to working with wool. She chooses patterns that speak to her artistic tastes. She hand-dyes a variety of wools in just the right shades, adding extra vibrancy to all she creates. And when she stitches, she stitches like the wind!  She has fine tuned the technique and she doesn’t just stop there. Her embellishment work is just lovely! She won’t like that I am giving her so much praise but it must be said, Marianne works wool magic!

Pony Express Block Party

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The Pony Express Block Party is going on NOW and continues through Saturday, September 23 here at Corn Wagon Quilt Co! Stop in for a stamp on your postcard if you’re out on the trail. The quilt on the right features our shop’s Pony Express block. Postcard holders receive this FREE block pattern and as a BONUS we have included instructions for making this timeless Jacob’s Ladder quilt. Haven’t picked up a postcard yet? We have plenty! Simply ask at the register. On the left we have the Western Journeys quilt (We have kits for this one!) featuring the replica Pony Express map panel. While we have already had our first full postcard turned in for the big prize ($75 Gift Card!) we still have charms for the next five full postcards to walk through our door!

We are having so much fun meeting folks from all over the state and country! I think we have had more gentlemen participate in this block party than any other we have participated in, however, I can’t reveal names… One gentleman leaned across the counter and asked that I not tell his commrades that he had been buying fabric at the quilt shop. You secret is safe with us, Sir! – – Though we certainly see no shame in it. Some of the worlds best quilters are men and we have enjoyed meeting more of you!

Visit to watch a short, three minute video to learn all the details and preview all that this Block Party has to offer!

Fall Open House

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We welcome each season here at Corn Wagon Quilt Co. with an Open House full of fresh quilting inspiration.  We hang new samples, release a new quarterly class list, serve up some great sales and look forward to greeting all our friends at the shop.  This is your invitation to join us!  Our Fall Open House begins Thursday, September 7th and continues through Saturday, September 9th.  Stop in during our regular business hours and find out what’s new. Take advantage of our regular open house specials such as 10% off individual class sign-up fees and 20% off one regular priced item. Then, we have a little something extra for you to enjoy– are you ready for this one? — during this open house we will mark down our $5.99 sale fabric to $3.99 per yard! Look for the bolts in our basement with a red dot tag, request a minimum 1 yard cut and it’s yours for $3.99 per yard. If you haven’t visited the basement lately, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how much fabric we have added! The shop is overflowing with fresh ideas for fall quilt making. We hope to see you this weekend!

Featured in the photo is a detail from Harvest Blessings, a beautiful wall hanging designed by Norma Whaley of Timeless Traditions that includes traditional piecing and wool applique. This sample was made by Suzanne Adams and custom machine quilted by Ramona Sorensen. Also featured is an autumn acorn miniature wool rug, hooked in the primitive style by Marianne Michaels. Kits are available for both! Want to learn wool applique techniques or how primitive rug hooking is done? Be sure to visit the “classes” portion of our website to see our new list including, clubs, retreats, events, individual class details and photos. Take some time this season to learn something new.

PROJECT: Jelly Roll

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There is something so satisfying about holding an entire collection of fabric in the palm of your hand. You know what I’m talking about. One of your favorite fabric designers releases a new line; there it is on bolts on the shelf at the quilt shop. It really isn’t fair – – or even reasonable to expect yourself to select just a few pieces. After all, it speaks to you. It’s calling your name. Must. Have. All… WAIT! There’s a JELLY ROLL! The whole collection pre-cut into 2 1/2″ strips all rolled up into that cute little bun and tied with a ribbon. And just like that, it’s on it’s way to your sewing room.

Just like the tempting, delectable desserts they are named after, we pick up those pre-cuts whether we need them or not. What can we say? We are quilters. We are fabric lovers. And yes, we admit we may have a problem. Enter PROJECT: Jelly Roll! Moda Fabrics has declared the 3rd Saturday in September of every year as National Sew A Jelly Roll Day to encourage collectors to take a jelly roll off their shelf, dust it off, tear it open and make something for themselves, as a gift or for charity!  Corn Wagon will be hosting an event in support of National Sew a Jelly Roll Day, Saturday, September 16th beginning at 10 a.m. at our retreat center! Bring your own machine, jelly roll & pattern and spend the day sewing with friends! We will have ideas on display, links to free pattern downloads, and more! Chris Chamberlain will be there to lend advice & a helping hand. Space is limited so sign up soon!

The jelly roll in the photo? Timeless by, Jo Morton. It’s new to the shop and available in pre-cuts and yardage.  If perchance, you are one of those more disciplined fabric buyers who has never purchased a jelly roll with out a purpose (please, teach me your ways) – – we have plenty at the shop to choose from! Need pattern ideas? Stop in and we’ll show you a few of our favorites or visit  or

Pony Express Block Party!

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Have you heard about the upcoming Pony Express Block Party?  Visit participating quilt shops (That’s us!) in States along the historic Pony Express Trail (California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas & Missouri) between September 9th-24th, 2017  to collect the free block patterns designed with Northcott’s new Pony Express fabric collection and get shop stickers for your Block Party Postcard (each shop provides one free block pattern and one unique shop sticker per postcard holder present). Wouldn’t that make for a unique history field trip with your quilty friends?!

Collect 12 different shop stickers & be the first to present your fully stamped postcard at the 12th shop to be redeemed for a $75 fabric prize! Each shop has one first entry $75 fabric prize to distribute. If that shop has already handed out their first entry $75 fabric prize, there are 5 runner-up charm prizes.

Sounds fun, right?! Ok, now here’s where your quilt making skills come into play:
Using the free patterns you collect, create a quilt with a minimum of 6 blocks from
6 different shops participating in the Pony Express Block Party. Take a picture of your finished quilt and submit it to by November 4th, 2017 for a chance to win one of three prizes from Northcott!

We will have a sample quilt hanging in our shop to spark your creativity so be sure to stop in and check it out. Northcott’s Pony Expresss collection has arrived and is on the shelf and kits will be available! This fabric line was designed in collaboration with the Pony Express Museum in St. Joseph Missouri and includes authentic replicas of artwork from the museum.

Call us with your questions and be sure to visit for all the details including participating shops, an interactive map to plan your trip, free project downloads and a bit of Pony Express history.

My 3 Stars!

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My 3 Stars!

My Sweet Mom used to say that all the time.  “Oh my stars and garters”.   It always cracked me up. When I saw the name, this was the first thing I thought of.   Now Emily Herrick of Crazy Old Ladies, named her new design ‘3 Stars’ simply because it has 3 stars.  3 stars among those cute rail fences. The size is a perfect picnic quilt!  60″ x 70″.  I have 2 wedding quilts to make and this is the pattern I am using.  Quick and easy and a must for newlyweds to take on an afternoon picnic, don’t you think?  We have kits and patterns available!

‘Best Friends’ in Wonderland

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‘Best Friends’ in Wonderland

“For you see, so many out-of-the-way things had happened lately, that Alice had begun to think that very few things indeed were really impossible.” -Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.
You can now refer to Emily Herrick of Crazy Old Ladies as the Queen of Diamonds for dreaming up this quilt using her “Best Friends” pattern and Wonderland fabric by Rifle Paper Co. Take a closer look (perhaps through the looking glass?) at her clever machine quilting. ♥ Patterns, kits & Wonderland fabric available at the shop!  (This last paragraph was Jen Tanner’s recent poetic social media post – I just had to copy it and share it with you.  She just has a way with words, doesn’t she?  Follow Corn Wagon on Instagram and Facebook to see more of her cute posts!)