Lets do some “Baking!”

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Lets do some “Baking!”

I always have a yellow cake mix in my cupboard.  Why?  Do YOU realize all of the things you can make out of this plain yellow box?  Pumpkin dessert cake!  Oh my gosh, that is so yummers. And how about Danish Dessert?  or Pineapple Upside Down cake?  All these delicious recipes begin with that little golden box.  The Yellow Cake Mix.  It is magical.  Wait until I tell you about MODA’S Cake Mix Recipes!  Instead of yummy cake to eat, Moda’s Cake Mix Recipe’s begins with your basic…. LAYER CAKE!  Each Cake Mix Recipe contains 44 recipe cards or printed foundation papers. The ingredients or fabric requirements are simple…a Layer Cake and background fabric.  Each recipe card or printed foundation sheet will yield the pieces for 2 blocks – 6″ x 6″ or one bigger block.  The various block layouts are shown on the Cake Mix Recipe so you can choose your favorite.  There are 8 different Cake Mix Recipe’s to choose from.  (In the photo below is showing number 7 of the Cake Mix Recipe’s.  The (2) 6″ blocks were made using one 10″ x 10″ square of Moda’s ”Freedom” layer cake and a 10″ x 10″ background fabric).  You won’t look at a Layer Cake the same… The possibilities have expanded with these recipes.  Grab a Cake Mix Recipe and you turn a regular Moda Layer Cake into a beautiful, and EASY foundation paper pieced quilt.  It’s almost like taking that plain yellow cake mix and making it into warm and yummy caramel apple cake.  With the right recipe you can make something plain into something wonderful.  Isn’t it FABULOUS?  Ok, now hold onto your flip flops, because Moda not only has Cake Mix recipes for Layer Cakes, it also comes in CUPCAKE MIXES!  FOR CHARM PACKS!!!  ADDDORRRABLE!!!  There are 4 cute Cupcake Mix recipes to choose from!!!   I know, Brilliant, right???!  And we have BOTH the Cake Mix Recipes AND Cupcake Mixes in our “Bakery” Corner!!!  My cute daughter, Parker, is holding Cupcake Mix 1 and a ‘Poetry’ charm pack in the photo, above.  Those two will make a darling baby quilt or table topper.

Row by Row is On The Go!

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Well here we are again.  Another week has just whirled by.  I’m astounded at how time flies, aren’t you?  You turn around and it’s already JUNE!  Riiiight?  Time is constantly “On the GO”! Speaking of…..Did you know that that is the theme for this years Row by Row experience! Beginning Wednesday, June 21st, simply WALK (can’t email or send the free patterns, sorry peeps… it’s one of the rules..) into any of the participating stores and ask and we will give you our individual Row by Row pattern for….FREE!  (One per customer….another rule;))  Our ‘Little Red Tractor’ Row on the Go is made out of hand dyed wool and is shown in the photo. It kind of looks like this Little Red Tractor is heading for a Summer picnic!  And whats a picnic without a quilt? (The teeny quilt is my favorite part of our row…. and btw….Those are tiny 1/2″ finished triangles). I know.  I have issues… But any-who….there is MORE regarding this Row by Row experience!  Make a quilt using 8 different Row by Row On the Go patterns AND be the first to turn it in complete (pieced, quilted, and bound) to any participating store and receive 25 Fat Quarters!  But wait.. there is more….IF you use our row in your quilt AND are the first to hand in a completed Row by Row On the Go quilt to our shop you get a bonus prize of a $50.00 Corn Wagon Gift Certificate!!!  Saweeeet!  For more info,rules, and details regarding the Row by Row experience click HERE. There is even a Facebook page on all the shops in Utah and photo’s of their rows. Here is the link! ROW BY ROW FACEBOOK UTAH.  Oh, did I mention that we have wool kits of ‘Little Red Tractor’????  We do.  You will need to come in the store to get the kits though.  Sorry.  Another row by row rule we are required to follow.   It IS fun to see all these Row by Row participating shops in person though.  Oh, and it is not limited to Utah.  Row by Row is going on all over the country and a few countries.  Go to their website to find all their participating shops of Row by Row On the Go!

Come and do a little ‘Daydream-in’!

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Come and do a little ‘Daydream-in’!

Shhhhh…  Do you hear that?  It’s that distinct sound of Ocean waves.  Feel the warm sun on your skin and your toes squished in the sand…  A cool breeze floats by.  Now close your eyes for a minute, and just daydream.   Relaxing, isn’t it?  I almost fell asleep… WHAT???  Is that the Sprinklers hitting my windows??…grrr.  And no breeze, just the 95 degree toasti-ness.  But wait…My toes are in the sand!!!  Ok, not the sand I really want.  The sandpile where my grandkids hide all my spoons.  Oh well, I can ‘Daydream’.  😉  There IS something about the beach, isn’t there? Jen thought that Chris’ ‘Daydream’ quilt needed a beach background, but instead took this photo with happy Summer flowers on our porch.  It is warm and inviting, don’t you agree?  The ‘Daydream’ pattern is a FREE download on  The fabric is ‘Early Bird’ by Kate Spain.  Stunning.  We have kits so you can also ‘Daydream’ your own peaceful paradise.

Quick Note:    We will be CLOSED SATURDAY MORNING!  It is our Art City Days Parade and we are right on the parade route…  We will open at Noon on Saturday.  Come enjoy our festivities!

It is almost here! Farmers Market!

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It is almost here!  Farmers Market!

Here is a sneak peek of Farmer Zebediah and his farm hands.  Looks like Zeb needs a nap!   Can you guess who is who? They are all quite the characters with their own areas of expertise.  Biff (throws bales of hay around like they are cow pies), Fannie (our milk maid), Edna (LOVES her chickens and is very friendly), Shep (is quite “sheepish”), Mama Rose (no-one makes a flakier pie crust), Farmer Stanley (keeps us on our best behavior), Grandpa Bill (his calves still are riding around in that caddy), Sweet Gertie, and the twins (pray help us) are excited to have you come.  If you are still on the fence about coming to our Farmers Market….Aunt May will be bringing her famous homemade cookies and candies!!!!   She may even bring a little chocolate!  Chocolate is her favorite. The darker the better is what she tells us.  But, isn’t it all scrumptious???  Whatever you choose, it will be sure to sweeten you up when you visit the baked and sweets part of our Farmers Market.  Which, I might remind you, is THIS Wednesday, May 31st – Saturday, JUNE 3rd.  Fresh “corn” and “veggies”.  New quilts to feast your eyes on.  A wonderful and beautiful “flower” show.  Yummy baked and canned goods.  I know, I know…. your mouth is watering.  Satisfy those taste buds and feast your eyes on our Farmers’ Market!  Shop Hop brings out hard work, sweat and tears (mostly of joy), and great satisfaction in our final efforts for a wonderful Farmers’ Market .  We have harvesting our crops and now can’t wait to share them with you.  You are coming, right?  I’m glad you are nodding your head.  No one wants to see Mama Rose in tears… cause when Mama ain’t happy…no one is happy.  😉
Another reminder….As we have done before, we will be open early, at 9am, on Wednesday, May 31st, until 8pm.  Thursday and Friday hours are 10am – 8pm and Saturday, June 3rd, 10am-6pm.

Utah Weather….

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Utah Weather….

Yep.  That’s right.  It snowed yesterday.  And it.  Is.  MAY People!  Utah weather.  What else can I say?  It has happened before, so we must roll with it… like a snowball….(I crack myself up).. so how about picking up this quilt kit for Winter Wonderland?  Norma Whaley of Timeless Traditions let us borrow this wonderful quilt of hers… so we just HAD to make a few kits.  It is quite fitting this time of year.  You, know…. May.  And instead of “May Flowers”, we get “May powders”.  I know, I need to stop.  It will be 95 degrees in a few days and I’ll be wishing for the colder weather again.  Wait.  Come to think of it….we did get in THEE cutest Christmas fabric last week.  ‘Merrily’ by Gingiber of Moda and ‘Hometown Christmas’ by Sweetwater of Moda.   Maybe that is why it snowed.  Hmmmm.  Is it too early to sing ‘Jingle Bells’?  Yes.  Yes, it is.  Bring on the sun.

Open House is Coming!

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Open House is Coming!

Our shop was featured on the Utah Shop Hop Facebook page a few weeks ago.  We had a giveaway of an $40.00 gift certificate chosen at random when they “Liked” and “Followed” our page then said what their favorite quilting notion was.  (Congratulations to our winner, Kimberly Hutchinson Linnebur!)  It was fun to read what notions were their favorites.  I was surprised by how many chose Binding Clips.  But Stephanie Martinez’s comment made me think.  Her comment was “I’ve learned to love my seam ripper, it’s never a completed project till you have to use it.”   Cute comment, isn’t it? I never thought of it that way.  I’m going to try and remember that….because just like Shannon Horrigan mentioned in her comment of her favorite notion… “Definitely my seam ripper… I never make the same mistake twice, It’s more like 2 or 3 times.”  Yep. I need to learn to love that @#%* thing.
Did your jaw drop on this quilt?  Wait until you see it in person.  It will make you drool.  Seriously.  I had to wipe my mouth.  Suzanne made this quilt by Primitive Gatherings… check out all of those tiny half square triangles.  Amazing.  It is called ‘Liberty and Justice For All’ designed by Primitive Gatherings.  It is stunning.  We have kits and patterns!  The quilt behind it is ‘Land That I Love’ designed by Norma Whaley of Timeless Traditions.  Another beautiful quilt made by Suzanne Adams.  We have kits for this one as well.

Our Utah Shop Hop is coming up!  My fellow quilters, it will be Wednesday, May 31st – Saturday, JUNE 3rd.  As you know we are ‘The Farmer’s Market’!  Oh my heck, you have GOT to meet our Fannie!  She is “cream” of the crop and will “butter” you up on any project or quilt you show her. (She comes directly from the dairy farm!  See what I did there?  ;))  She just makes you feel good being around her.  She is full of sunshine and happiness with a titch of sass!  You will LOVE our newest farm hand.   And you can’t miss her.  She likes to wear her blonde hair in braids and has the cutest freckles.  We have got many Farm Hands lined up to help in our Farmers Market.  Oh the trinkets, kits, and goodies we have available for you are absolutely wonderful. You will NOT be disappointed.  Go to for more info and a map of the shops participating. I am getting so excited for shop hop!

Come see us soon!

MaryAnn and the girls at Corn Wagon.

How much can you stuff?

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How much can you stuff?

So how much can you stuff?  Ramona, our amazing quilter, can stuff 8.  Me? 5.  That’s 5 JUMBO marshmallows. And I gagged.  Chris surpassed this with an impressive 11.  That is ELEVEN JUMBO marshmallows all stuffed in her cheeks.  I watched her do this.  I was in awe and grossed out at the same time.  So I took photo’s.  Viewer discretion is advised…  😉

I knew you would be impressed.  And Chris does Custom Embroidery, Hemstitching, AND Machine Quilting around here.  She is multi talented.  Now you know what we do here at work when we are getting ready for the STUFF A BAG SALE this Saturday!  Everything you can fit into our Corn Wagon canvas bag will be 25% off (regular priced items)!  I took one of our bags, then went around the store and gathered this and that, filled, shoved, squished, and stuffed a bag.  When I was pleased with myself, I took the items out and laid them out on the floor.  Did you check out the photo above?  That is what was stuffed!  Approximately 41 items!  That is quite a bit of wonderful stuffed in that bag, don’t you think? I see you shaking your head.  I bet you can do better.  So tell me…  How much can you stuff?  Come in this Saturday and show me!  Make me proud.

A Recent Medical Study of Fabric and Pheromones…

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A Recent Medical Study of Fabric and Pheromones…

Recently a customer brought in an article from a distinguished medical journal (or not) reporting on recent research:  You may want to sit down….

“A recent study has indicated that fabric gives off certain pheromones that hypnotize women and cause them to purchase ungodly amounts of fabric.  When stored in large quantities in enclosed spaces, the pheromones in the fabric causes memory loss and induce the gathering syndrome, similar to the one squirrels have before the onset of winter.  Sound tests have also revealed that these fabrics emit a very high-pitched sound heard only by a select few, known as quilters.  When played backward at slow speed, the sounds are heard as chants of…”BUY ME! PIECE ME!”  Furthermore, the pheromones seems to cause a pathological need to hide the fabric purchased away when one takes them home and blend them into the existing stash.  When asked by a significant other if the fabric is new, the reply is “oh, I’ve had it for a while!”  In order to overcome the so-called feeding frenzy effect that these fabrics cause, one must wear a face mask when entering a quilt shop, and use ear plugs to avoid being pulled into their grip.  Sad (not really) to say, the addictive qualities of this compulsive behavior are cumulative, and are squelched only by the purchase of more and more fabric.  No cure is known at this time nor will be anytime soon.  There have been hostility and in some cases, riots when such talk of finding a cure is mentioned by their significant others.  The research has been noted and documented.  For the safety of everyone, this study and those involved will remain as is.  Happy and incurable.”
This explains so much, doesn’t it?  😉

This Cotton + Steel fabric is calling me…. every time I walk by.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Spring is Here! Colors of Spring and Easter Eggs…

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Spring is Here!  Colors of Spring and Easter Eggs…

Spring is HERE at last!  The colorful tulips and cherry blossoms are in full bloom and the lilac bushes smell amazing.  Shades of red, pink, yellow, purple and blue are popping out of the ground all around us.  It is wonderful.  The colors of Spring are simply beautiful just like brightly colored Easter Eggs…  (Did you notice  what I did there?….;) If not, you will catch on…;)  Are you ready for some Easter Egg hunting?  For tomorrow our Hunt Begins! On Saturday, April 15th, we are having our Quilter’s Easter Egg “Hunt” Sale!  Ok, so it’s not really a “hunt”, I just think calling it a Quilter’s Easter Choose an Egg Sale doesn’t sound quite as catchy.  Don’t you agree?  I thought you would.  Moving on….For our ‘Quilter’s Easter Egg Hunt’ (that requires no hunting) is actually pretty simple… At time of your purchase, choose a colored Easter egg in our basket.  Inside the egg will be discounts such as 25% off one item, 20% off entire purchase, discounts like that or a fun Easter prize that a quilter would love!  No matter what egg you choose, you will like it.  An Easter egg “hunt” for quilters, held inside a quilt shop…. Sounds quite perfect doesn’t it?  It really does.
Another amazing photo by Jen Tanner.  I told her that she needed to put together a quilt calendar or a book of her quilt photos.  They are breathtaking.  If you want to see more of her artistic photo’s follow us on Instagram or Facebook.  Jen is the gal behind our social media.  I honestly look forward to her posts.  Jen made this ‘Moda Love Layer Cake’ quilt using a FREE layer cake pattern online found on Moda’s website.  It features ‘Cottonworks’ fabric line by Minick and Simpson.  Don’t you love how the rock colors and light dances on her quilt?  She said she finished her quilt while she and her family were camping in a redrock alcove in the Utah dessert.  I think it should be called ‘Moda Love in the Desert’.  It.  Is.  Stunning.

Happy Easter Egg Sale

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Happy Easter Egg Sale

I am a chicken farmer.  Yep, me.  In two weeks, my daughter’s 3 chicks have tripled in size and have jumped out of two different boxes, to run free in my sewing room.   I allowed this to happen.  I harbored chicks in my sewing room.  I took pity on those then tiny fluff balls and offered them protection from my 2 cats.  Even safely inside, my cats would “casually” hang outside my sewing room door looking all innocent like.  It was kind of creepy.  As the chicks grew amazingly fast, with their accompanying smells and messes, I had to make haste and buy a chicken coop thus committing to become a chicken farmer.   The chicken coop was built in the garage where it will stay until the chicks are fully feathered and can be outside.  They are safe and I am happy to have my sewing room back.  And better yet….Fresh eggs are in my future.  Being a chicken farmer does have its perks.
Come to think of it…. I have baby chicks AND Easter is a few weeks away.  I’m feeling all festive… so let’s have an Happy Easter Egg Sale!  On Easter Saturday, April 15th, we will have a Quilter’s Easter Egg “Hunt” Sale!   It will be pretty simple…No hunting required… At time of your purchase, choose a colored Easter egg in our basket.   Inside the egg will be up to 25% off discounts and fun Easter prizes fit for a quilter!  I love Easter!
Isn’t this quilt stunning?  Pieced by Suzanne Adams and machine quilted by Chris Chamberlain.  Pattern is ‘Comfort Zone’ by Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co.  Patterns, kits, and yardage available!  I love the photograph by Jen.   She drove around town looking for the perfect weather worn fence to complement this wonderful quilt. I love her result.

Hope to see you soon!  Happy Quilting!
MaryAnn and the girls at Corn Wagon