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Newsletter 06-29-19

Bring on the
Red, White & Blue!

It's time to celebrate the birth of our nation! Quilting has been a part of our culture from the beginning. While it's an art with deep historical roots spanning the globe, with the arrival of the English and Dutch settlers in North America, quilting took on a new life and flourished. Even as most quilts in the early days were made out of necessity, they have always been way for makers to express creativity and exercise skill. Today we make quilts to celebrate all of life's milestones as well as for tributes to tradition. Independence Day is no exception! Quilts in shades that echo the banner of our nation are stitched for use at casual summer picnics or more formal home decor. They are made to honor our service men and women and as a nod to our own family heritage. Whatever your reason for sewing up some red, white and blue, we invite you to stop in for some inspiration and hope you have the chance to put in some celebratory stitches over the holiday.
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