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When it is time to snuggle up and get cozy, this snuggly snowflake quilt will be just right! Using Ten Sisters Easy Piecing grid, you will be able to make this cute quilt quickly and simply. Choose Christmas fabrics for a Christmassy look or choose other fabrics for a Wintery look. You also get to choose from 3 different sizes : 58" x 58", 43" x 43", or 29"x 29".

Whatever you choose, it will be sure to be a favorite!


Purchase 7 Panels of Ten Sisters Easy Piecing Grid from Corn Wagon Quilt Co. according to the size you want to make.

For example: if you want to make a 58”x58”inch quilt, you will purchase 7 panels of 2 inch finished Easy Piecing Grid
OR 43”x43”- 7 panels of 1.5 inch finished,
OR 29”x29”- 7 panels of 1 inch finished grid.

1/4" piecing foot, sewing machine, basic sewing supplies.

Fabric Supplies: Choose any color you would like for your snowflake and background. You could even go scrappy!

58 x 58 size-
Color One (red in example)- 1 1/8 yd (241 squares)
Color Two (white in example)- 3 yd. (600 squares)

43 x 43 size-
Color One (red in example)- 3/4 yd. (241 squares)
Color Two (white in example)- 2yd. (600 squares)

29 x 29 size-
Color One (red in example)- 3/8 yd. (241 squares)
Color Two (white in example)- 11/8 yd. (600 squares)

***Quilt Pattern and Step by Step Handout will be provided in class.


Cut 2 ½ inch squares for 58”x58”, Cut 2 inch squares for 43”x43” or 1.5 inch squares for a 29”x29” quilt top.  

Skill Level:
Instructor Name:
Heather Dunn


$ 30.00
Price is for class only, other supplies may be purchased at the Corn Wagon.