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Quilt in Black and White! Plus... What's Happening for Small Business Saturday?

As I was finishing my most recent quilt, I realized they all had one thing in common. Although each was very different in style, all four of my latest quilts are in black and white! This is not the norm for me. As you know, I am a lover of color. Give me all the bold, saturated hues across the spectrum and let me run wild! For some reason though it seems I'm having a black and white moment and it has me thinking about what this pairing really has to offer. Black and White. It's at once classic as well as graphic. It's traditionally modern. Sounds like a contradiction? Not for Black and White. When we look at the science behind the two counterparts, white surfaces reflect all of the colors in light equally so our eye sees white. Black absorbs all of the colors in light equally and reflects nothing so we see black. When the two sit side by side, your brain is processing the stark contrast of full vs. zero light reflection and the effect is clearly eye-catching. Is it any wonder that through the ages the combination has taken on so much symbolism? Yin and Yang, Good and Evil, Past and Present; at the same time contrasting and complementary, Black and White provides balance. So how can we utilize this in quilting?

The first of my four black and white projects is the Illustrated Squares quilt by Alli K. Designs. The simplicity of black and white is carried through in the simplicity of the pattern. Large 10" precut squares fill the space between larger black and white panels featuring illustrated flowers and the bold yet simple message, " Be You." There's not much to it but the effect is striking and meaningful. Statement blocks pieced in black and white solids juxtapose traditional style with contemporary design. Kits for this quilt are available in-store and include the Be You panel and Layer Cake by Alli K. for Moda as well as solid black and white for blocks and the most perfect black and white micro stripe for binding this 57" x 71" quilt.

The visual contrast of black and white is stimulating for the newly developing sight of infants. That's just one reason black and white nurseries continue to be on-trend this year. Throw in a warm gold or cool blue accent to soften the look or keep it crisp and clean. Either way, the look is at the top of the new parent's wish list. The baby quilt above is easy to make and sure to be a favorite for your little one. When I heard my new niece had been given the name Poppy, I decided these black and white poppy prints, again by Alli K. Designs, needed to be a part of her quilt. I used the Night Owl Baby Quilt pattern for a simple design that would let the fabrics do the talking. Kits include everything you need to piece this 42" x 42" quilt for the modern nursery.

As mentioned above, an easy way to soften the contrast between black and white without losing the crisp clean feel is by adding one color. The monochromatic quilt above was made by Chris Chamberlain using toweling in just three colors; black, white and muted aqua. Have you seen this stuff? It's so fun to get creative with! Toweling from Moda Fabrics is sold by the yard and comes as a long woven strip of fabric already hemmed down the length of each side. Picture a table runner. You can choose the length you need and simply hem the short ends. Add embellishment or leave it plain. We're having fun making pillows, aprons, bags and now quilts from this convenient fabric! For the Sea Salt quilt shown above you'll trim the hem away and simply sew together large squares interspersed with a few pinwheel blocks. The result is a quilt as fresh as an ocean breeze with a sturdy weight ideal for a picnic on the beach. Kits for this 80" x 80" quilt include the pattern by Pieces to Treasure, Lakeside Toweling by Moda and binding for $169.99. Take a closer look to see the awesome ocean wave edge-to-edge quilting by Dorene Johnson.

To soften a black and white design without adding color, simply move from pure black and white to soft charcoal, grey and beige. You'll still achieve that classic contrast but the effect is a bit more soothing to the eye. Play with scale to further soften the look by blending larger and smaller prints. Oversized half-square triangles arranged in a barn raising setting allow this softer black and white quilt to maintain it's graphic style. I chose to work with a Layer Cake of Low Volume Wovens by Jen Kingwell to piece the Winchester quilt pattern by Villa Rosa Designs.

If you're wondering where all of these fabulous wall murals used as photo backdrops can be found, look no further than Downtown Provo, Utah! The city of Provo regularly commissions local artists to paint original murals on the walls of their downtown structures. There's even an interactive map you can follow! Use this link to learn more about the program and to plan a mural hunt of your own.

So far the quilts I've shared have been more modern in style. How about a more traditional approach? This year our Second Wednesday Club has been working on the Gems and Jewels quilt by American Jane above. The version I have been piecing is made using rich black and warm ivory. The blocks in this quilt are timeless with their roots in early quilt making and the fabrics have a decidedly vintage feel as most American Jane designs do. These two factors give this black and white quilt a personality that feels to be a fixture of times gone by. I can't wait to finish this one next month!

While we are completely sold out of Black and Ivory kits we do have a very limited number of Red and Ivory or Blue and Ivory kits available in store! Come in and see Chris's finished Gems and Jewels in Red now on display at the quilt shop!

Now you might be wondering what effect the pairing of black and white has on a more varied color scheme. The combination immediately adds class as well as a place for the eye to rest. In other words, it's grounding. What's the first thing you think of when you see red and green together? Did you say Christmas? Red and green are direct compliments on the color wheel. Direct complements actually create a vibrating effect in human vision so we perceive this combination as energetic, vibrant and full of life. When used in full strength, as is often the case in Holiday designs, they can feel overwhelming. Enter black and white. Remember black absorbs all light and white reflects it. Both give the eye a place to rest in a composition. Again, they add balance and our minds see this as pleasing. It's one more way to ensure your quilt color scheme will stand the test of time.

Remember the title of this newsletter mentioned something about Small Business Saturday? We look forward to the day after Black Friday as a day to support local small businesses with Holiday shopping and we have an exciting class opportunity for you here at the School House for Small Business Saturday! Heather Dunn will be teaching a 3-hour EasyPiecing Grid Workshop where you can learn to make the Christmas Table Runner above or the Tree Wall Quilt below. You choose! Register now ($30) for Saturday, November 27th, 9:00 a.m. - Noon. Optional kits are available in-store (like the one shown above) to those registered for class for $29.99. You'll get the usual 15% off class supplies and the benefit of 25% off any and all Easy Piecing Grid Panels so it's a great day to learn the grid method and stock up to prepare for future projects! Seats are limited and will fill quickly so don't delay! Register today and stay tuned for more updates on our Small Business Saturday Sale!

Utah Shop Hop is Back for 2022!
We couldn't be more excited! Think of this Shop Hop as a fabric filled amusement park with each shop a different attraction. Any guess as to which "ride" the Corn Wagon will be? The past two years have been wild to say the least. We're ready to bring back your favorite quilters "thrill ride" as you hop from shop to shop along the Wasatch! Mark your calendars for May 11-14, 2022. Tickets go on sale next spring.

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