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Just a few seats left! 2 Workshops with Dara Tomasson!

Learn Something New at Corn Wagon Too!

Classes dedicated to enhancing the lives of quilters; that's the purpose of our Schoolhouse. Our schedule includes opportunities to learn and improve, from machine-piecing quilt blocks to hand stitchery and now... life coaching and weight loss geared toward quilters! That's right! We are excited to welcome Dara Tomasson to Corn Wagon Too this May for two unique workshops! Continue reading below to meet Dara and find out just how cool her workshops are going to be. Use the links to register before these workshops are sold out!


Do You Know Dara? Let Me Introduce You:

As a quilter, you may follow her on Instagram @dara_tomasson or maybe you have her books on your shelf.
Perhaps you know her from her podcast, 'Love Yourself Thin' or it's possible you're a member of her Facebook group, LIBERATE: Mental & Physical Weight with Dara.
If you haven't met Dara yet, now is your chance! And if you do know Dara, get excited...
She's coming to Corn Wagon to teach two awesome workshops!
At just $25 each, you won't want to miss them.

"I'm an elementary school teacher turned long-arm quilter and now a life coach specializing in weight loss."

You will find Dara spending a lot of her day helping fellow quilters lose weight and create more joy in their lives as she uses her life coaching skills to help them. Not only does Dara liberate your free motion quilting skills but liberates your mind to create what you truly want. Dara is also the president of the perfection recovery program! "If you find that you fall into the procrastinate, perfectionism and people pleasing trap – I totally get you and know how to help you 100%."
Dara is a certified life coach through the Life Coach School where she has her specialization in weight loss.


12 Step Perfectionist Recovery Program

After teaching quilters for close to 10 years and as a professional life coach, Dara has created this program to help women overcome perfectionism in their lives so that they can move past these limiting behaviors. Weight loss, relationships, productivity and general happiness increases when you are no longer limited by your perfectionist tendencies.

In this workshop you can expect to take a deep dive into the root of perfectionism and why it is not your fault. You will get a diagnosis of where you fall in the spectrum (take the quiz beforehand here). Then you will learn the 12 steps to recovery and how to overcome the challenges. There is even an incredible UFO guide at the end. You will receive a free pdf of the 12 Step Program while in class or you can pre-order a bound copy here or Dara will have hard copies you can purchase at the class.

This class will boost your productivity, increase your joy and allow you to become more of who you really want to be because you will no longer feel constrained by your perfectionist tendencies. Let yourself be free from judgement and worry. As a quilter who has been in your shoes, Dara is excited to help you learn the process!

Join us Thursday, May 4, 6pm - 9pm in the Horizon Room at Corn Wagon Too. Healthy refreshments will be served.

Permanent Mental & Physical Weight Loss

Not sure why you are able to lose weight but it always seems to come back on again? Is your mental health unstable? The missing piece in mental and physical weight loss is learning how to access the full capacity of your brain.

You can expect to enjoy an interactive workshop with a good mix of learning science for the brain and body. Women will have the opportunity to be coached and watch the power of coaching. You will not be disappointed as you see how the key to permanent change is found in your brain. Learning to access your full potential is life changing!

When you learn these tools you will be able to have:

  • more energy for quilting
  • deeper capacity for relationships 
  • save money with less buffering
  • finish more quilts 
  • feel proud of what you were able to accomplish at the end of each day

Come and learn the tools and see them in use and you will see why permanent weight loss (mentally and physically) is no longer a dream but reality.

Join us Saturday, May 6, 10am - 1pm in the Horizon Room at Corn Wagon Too. Healthy refreshments will be served.

General Class Information

Classes at the Corn Wagon Quilt Co. are held in-person at our new, state-of-the-art Schoolhouse at Corn Wagon Too, located directly behind the Quilt Shop. You'll love sewing in this beautiful space! All class supplies are 15% off to those registered and you'll receive 15% off regular price items purchased on the day of your class at Corn Wagon Quilt Co.

Please, click the image below for our complete class policies.
All class fees are due upon registration.
Class fees reserve your seat and compensate instructors for their time and expertise.
For this reason, class fees are not refundable for any reason.

Thank you for supporting your local brick-and-mortar quilt shop.
We hope to sew with you again soon!

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