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Machine Quilting:

Corn Wagon Quilt Co. offers machine quilting services right here in-house! We have two long-arm quilting machines run by nationally recognized quilting professionals with years of experience. They are true artists with an eye for detail. Choose from custom free-motion quilting or computer guided, edge-to-edge designs. A variety of edge-to-edge designs ranging from traditional to modern styles are available or you may request a custom design that highlights individual borders and blocks. Every quilt is treated as a unique work of art! Bring your quilt into the shop for a consultation where we can show you design options and walk you through the choices that will make your quilt one-of-a-kind. You may call the shop during regular business hours to visit with our quilters or schedule a time to meet with them in person. If you live far away or would prefer a quicker drop-off experience, you may print the *form below - - call ahead, fill out the form completely and deliver your quilt directly to the shop. (303 E. 400 S., Springville, UT 84663) We will contact you with questions and to discuss details that will ensure your quilt is finished at it's finest.

Our machine quilting is priced on a case by case basis. Charges are determined by quilting motif difficulty, starts and stops, ruler work, thread color changes and time required for quilting. Thread is included in the cost of quilting  - choose from a full spectrum of solid or variegated and multi-color threads. Batting is NOT included in the charge, though we have many types in stock to choose from including options in wool, 100% cotton, bamboo and 80/20. Contact the shop to learn more about our selection of batting and to decide which is right for you.

Please, do not add buttons or other three-dimensional items to your quilt before quilting.

The following prices are for guidance only. Final costs will be determined by the quilter, case by case.

  • Minimum quilting charge is $40.00
  • $ .02 to .025 Computerized Edge-to-Edge Machine Quilting
  • $ .02 to .025 Hand guided Edge-to-Edge design or continuous line motifs such as feather meanders, floral or leaf meanders, etc... 
  • $ .03 per sq. inch to $ .05 per sq.inch -- custom, hand guided quilting, more dense or semi-custom designs, including intricate meanders with a change of pattern at the borders and freehand block-by-block designs such as feathered wreaths. Also includes designs with multiple colors of thread and motifs that require stopping and starting.
  • Detailed custom quilting price is set on a case by case basis and may require an hourly rate.

Backing Requirements: We require backing to be a minimum of 4" wider to the left and right (8" total) and 4" longer at the top and bottom (8" total) than the quilt top.
Example: if the top is 70" x 80," the back needs to be a minimum of 78" x 88" to fit properly on our long arm frame. It does not need to be trimmed if it is larger.

  • The cost of trimming is $15 per cut. If your backing is pieced and one half of the back runs longer than the other half, it needs to be trimmed to even the edge. If the outer borders of the top run long, they need to be trimmed. There will be a $15 surcharge per cut if our quilters trim for you.
  • The cost of adding leaders (pin or sew) per side is $15.00 + cost of fabric. If fabric must be added to your quilt backing to allow it to fit the frame properly this surcharge will apply.

Ramona Sorensen

Utah native, Ramona Sorensen, is a nationally recognized quilter. She has been quilting at the Corn Wagon for 16 years and we are indeed lucky to have her as part of our team. Her original quilt designs and machine quilting have been published more than 50 times in several quilting magazines including Quilters’ Newsletter, McCalls Quilting, Quilt Magazine, Fons & Porter and American Patchwork & Quilting. She has over 100 original, free hand & medallion designs by Ramona and many more options and ideas to choose from. She is known to lay a quilt out for a time and allow it to tell her what it needs. Ramona would be happy to sit down and have a quilt consultation with you to discuss the endless possibilities!  

Dorene Johnson

Dorene is a wizard with computerized quilting designs and we are delighted to now share her services through the Corn Wagon. Trained by Gina Perkes, world renowned quilter and owner of The Copper Needle in Arizona, Dorene fell in love with the precision of computerized quilting and has since become an expert. Dorene owns an INNOVA quilting machine that produces high-quality digital designs for beautiful edge-to-edge quilting. Come in and see the limitless possibilities! From basic meanders to themed designs, traditional looks to modern geometrics, Dorene's library of options is sure to have just the design your next quilt needs. Most computerized edge-to-edge designs will be $.02 per square inch. More dense designs may cost slightly more.


Binding Service:

For a completely finished quilt, we offer in-house binding service. We use the double-fold binding method, hand-sewn by one of our talented Corn Wagon gals! Prices are as follows:
  • $0.15 per linear inch = attach the binding to the front of the quilt ONLY

  • $0.20 per linear inch = machine binding & foldover binding

    • PLEASE NOTE: fold-over binding must include at least 2” border around quilt, and cannot be quilted into this border

  • $0.30 per linear inch = hand binding

  • $0.40 per linear inch = specialty bindings

    • Includes scalloped bindings (MUST be bias binding), irregular borders, minky binding, etc. 


  1. Add all four quilt sides together, then add 10.
    EXAMPLE: A 40” x 55” quilt is 40 + 55 + 40 + 55 + 10 = 200

  2. Divide this number by 40 to determine how many strips you will need – if the end number is a decimal, round up.
    EXAMPLE: 200 divided by 40 = 5 strips

  3. Multiply the number of strips you need by your desired binding width.
    If you do not specify, I will use 2 ¼” binding.

  4. Round up to the nearest cut measurement.
    EXAMPLE: 5 strips x 2.25" = 11.25" = ⅓ yd.

Hemstitching Service:

What is this?  Hemstitching is a specialty machine stitch that makes stitching holes around the edge of your fabric for you to crochet in. We have a hemstitching machine which has a piercer that uniformly creates holes near the fabric edge and two separate needles that sew the hole open. We offer this service on receiving blankets, burp cloths, bibs, pillowcases, edges of clothing, and car seat covers. Basic hemstitching is $1.12 per linear yard.  For example a 36″ x 36″ blanket with 2 burp cloths will run $8.50.  (Fabric not included in price). Purchase fabric here at the shop or bring in your own for hemstitching by Lynette Christensen.

Photo Transfer:

Print personalized images or photo’s onto 100% cotton colorfast fabric sheets.  The sheets have been pre-treated to accept the ink.  It’s ideal for sewing into memory quilts, keepsake projects and crafts! Contact the shop for more information on how to submit photos, current turnaround time, and pricing. (801) 491-3551

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