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Fabric > Wool
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100% Wool Steel


118 Black, Taupe & Off White Geometric


1519 Deep Teal NE Solid


178W New England White


2119 Bright Ombre Plaid of Yellows, Reds & Blues


214 Soft Beige Heather Coating


2519 Ombre Stripe of Red, Blue & Yellow


36 Wool Felt Black


36 Wool Felt Navy


36 Wool Felt Reets Relish


36 Wool Felt Smokey Marble


519 Holiday Green NE Solid


6013 Raspberry & White Barley Corn


6118 Lime, Gold & Forest Green Ombre


8313 Silver Sparkle


Adirondack Wool


Bluestone Wool


Bumble Bee Wool


Cosmic Dust


Driftwood Wool


Foxhunt Wool


Glinda Wool


Golden Rule Wool


Goodnight Moon Wool


Harbor Mist Wool


Haystack Wool


Jinx Wool




Mighty Mouse Wool


Natural Wool


Night Garden Wool


Night Owl Wool


Old Tavern Taupe Wool


Paddington Wool


Pauly The Polar Bear Wool


Pea Stone Grey Wool


Rum Raisin Wool


Saddle Up Wool


Salty Dog Wool


Sawdust Wool


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