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Sue Daley 10 Inch Round Rotating Cutting Mat

  • The Sue Daley Designs Pink 10" Rotating Cutting Mat. 360 degree smooth rotation – This rotating cutting mat features a new and improved rotating mechanism that makes rotation very smooth and makes it easy to move your mat instead of your project
  • Unique Self-healing Material for a long lasting cutting surface - The self-healing nature of the mat’s surface compound allows resealing of surface cuts and a long lasting smooth surface.
  • Fantastic for - Quilting, English paper piecing, Sewing, Crafts, Scrapbooking, Models, Painting, Cake decorating, Hobbies and numerous other uses.
  • Ideal size - Easy to handle and great for patchworkers and English paper piecers on the move
  • Now Includes grid lines to aid in precise cutting at 1” and 1/4" spacings. Non slip back for stable and safe cutting.

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